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Families are busier now than in decades past and for families where both parents work, it becomes a challenge to maintain a clean house. In this case it’s a good idea to hire a maid. Start by getting recommendations from those who hired maids and contact some local cleaning services. You want find out how long the maids have done their jobs and get an estimate before making a decision. Another idea is to have them come in your home and do a test job so you can get an idea of what to expect. Here are additional tips on hiring a maid.

You’ll also need to run background checks on potential maids. This is important because you should not hire someone who has a questionable criminal history or who has not been the best employee at previous jobs. The person you hire will be in your home frequently and you need to be sure that the potential maid is trustworthy and reliable.

Discuss pricing with the potential maid. Find out if the maid will bring her own cleaning supplies and whether she will charge you per hour or per day. Since scheduling affects the price you pay, you should discuss how many hours the maid will work in the home per week. By doing this you can come to a pricing agreement that is fair and accurate. Watch out for maids who might charge very low prices because they might not offer quality services.

Another thing you should do is mention which duties you expect the maid to complete and how you want those tasks to be done. You can do a demonstration of the duties for the maid before her first day of work so that she will understand what the job requires. Look for a maid that is skilled in the tasks that you need her to do.

See if you can hire a maid who can perform other services such as babysitting or tutoring. This is a great idea for families with children and it’s less expensive since you won’t need to hire two separate people for different jobs. Just be sure to offer a fair price to the person and even offer bonuses after she worked with you and the children for a few months.

In conclusion, hiring a maid simplifies your life and you can focus more on enjoying yourself and your family. With the right maid your home will look fabulous within hours.

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